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About RSABill

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Our Story

Our story begins with Juli and Sherie, two experienced professionals in medical administration and management. They had worked in various healthcare settings, including private practices, hospitals, and medical vendors, for many years. In December 2001, they decided to open RSABill with the mission of supporting private practice physicians and physician groups in navigating the challenging and rapidly changing business environment of healthcare.

Our primary focus has always been to help private practice physicians thrive despite the numerous challenges they face. However, over time, reimbursements have decreased, expenses have increased, and the process of securing payment from insurance companies has become more burdensome. In response to these challenges, we expanded our services to include consulting, medical billing, and other business services. Nevertheless, our commitment to supporting the private sector has remained unchanged.

The healthcare landscape has undergone significant transformations aimed at controlling costs. Hospital and insurance organizations have formed regional groups, and many physicians have chosen to merge their practices with these organizations. This model has proven effective in serving communities and maintaining access to valuable clinicians. In 2023, we formed a partnership with a large offshore billing company, to effectively serve clients within this new client model. By combining the expertise of our local talents with the more affordable offshore workforce, we aim to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry. Recognizing this, we have established partnerships with various AI vendors, allowing us to bring cutting-edge technologies to our clients. By leveraging AI and networking with industry leaders, we ensure that our clients have access to the latest advancements to assist them in their medical practices.

No matter the chosen platform or technology, we remain dedicated to delivering excellent performance with measurable results. We see ourselves as a reliable support team, ready to customize our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Juli Ann Quinn
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At RSABill, our primary focus is to help private practice physicians sustain, grow, and thrive in their healthcare practices. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions and support that enable physicians to achieve their goals and deliver excellent patient care.


Our vision is to facilitate a community of collaboration, shared knowledge, and opportunities for physicians to learn from one another. This collaborative environment will foster growth, innovation, and ensure the preservation of private practice healthcare to remains a viable and sustainable option for the future.



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What Sets Us Apart

High Performance Measurable Results

The RSABill template is proven to achieve maximum reimbursement for your hard work.

US Based Staff Model​

RSABill staff are highly trained in not only CPT and AMA billing guidelines, but also local carrier determination and familiarity with regional IPA/medical groups.

Our teams all participate in continuing education and coders are certified.

Mutual Respect Billing Agreement

Specialty specific teams are experts in your coding nuances. The team approach means four or more billing specialists work on your behalf to provide cross training, maximum output and ultimately maximum return for your practice.

High Performance Measurable Results

Maintaining control of business decisions is crucial for private practices, and we recognize the importance of having a mutually respectful billing agreement to foster a partnership based on trust and collaboration. At RSABill, we emphasize performance and the value we bring to the table, aiming to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We firmly believe that a billing service should consistently deliver results and exceed expectations in order to earn the trust and continued partnership of the practice. Our approach aligns with this idea, as we strive to consistently provide exceptional service and demonstrate the value we bring to the billing process.

We understand that choosing a billing service that understands and respects the unique needs and goals of the practice can contribute to a more successful billing process. That’s why we prioritize building a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and focus on delivering excellent results. Our goal at RSABill is to build trust and provide value that encourages practices to maintain a long-term partnership with us.

Team Based Staff Model

Having specialty-specific teams in medical billing is an excellent approach to ensure our expertise in coding nuances. We understand that different medical specialties often have unique coding requirements and guidelines. As a team, we are dedicated to staying familiar with these specific nuances, which allows us to enhance accuracy and efficiency in our work.

At RSA, our team’s approach consists of multiple billing specialists, which provides maximum returns for our practice. With our collective expertise and collaborative approach, we can optimize the billing process, minimize errors, and ensure that our practice receives the appropriate reimbursements for the services we provide.

Moreover, we believe that being well-versed in local carrier determinations and having familiarity with regional IPA (Independent Practice Association) and medical groups can be extremely beneficial. We understand that different insurance carriers may have specific requirements and policies that need to be followed, and our team strives to have a comprehensive understanding of these guidelines. This knowledge helps us ensure proper billing and reimbursement for our clients.

We recognize that continuing education is vital in the ever-evolving field of medical billing. With updates and changes in coding guidelines, regulations, and payer policies, we prioritize staying current through ongoing education. This allows us to maintain accurate and compliant billing practices, ensuring that we provide the best service possible to our clients. Our team also values certification for coders, as it demonstrates our proficiency in medical coding and provides reassurance to our clients and employers.

Mutual Respect Billing Agreement

Maintaining control of our business decisions is crucial for private practices, and having a mutually respectful billing agreement is important to foster a partnership based on trust and collaboration. By emphasizing performance and the value we bring to the table, we aim to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients. This approach aligns with the idea that a billing service should consistently deliver results and exceed expectations to earn the trust and continued partnership of the practice.

Choosing a billing service that understands and respects the unique needs and goals of the practice can contribute to a more successful billing process. By prioritizing a mutually beneficial relationship and focusing on delivering excellent results, we aim to build trust and provide value that will encourage practices to maintain a long-term partnership.

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Our Leadership Team

Juli Ann Quinn

Juli Ann Quinn


With her extensive background in the field since 1983, Juli specializes in optimizing office operations, identifying new sources of revenue generation, and implementing strategies to increase organization and efficiency, ultimately leading to higher collections for medical practices.
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Sherie Dickey

Sherie Dickey


With over four decades of experience, Sherie is well-versed in the intricacies of coding requirements and industry regulations, ensuring that billing practices are accurate, compliant, and optimized for maximum revenue generation.

Brittany Marchette

Brittany Marchette


With Brittany’s expertise and attention to detail, our organization can effectively manage client relationships, nurture a productive and engaged workforce, and maintain efficient and well-functioning offices in California, Texas and a remote workforce.

Lisa Silva

Lisa Silva


With her arrival in 2011, Lisa brings exceptional talents and expertise in various areas of insurance denial management, auditing claims processing, and clearinghouse management.

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